If the Cup Fits…

I have been looking for ways to reduce my waste in a lot of areas of my life. Since I was born with a uterus, one of the ways I wanted to reduce my waste was to try and have a zero waste period. Menstrual cups seemed like the way to go for me. I… Continue reading If the Cup Fits…

Being Black and Vegan

I have been vegan for almost three months now! That’s pretty incredible considering my last attempts at being vegan didn’t go so well (this is actually my third attempt). I gradually become vegetarian throughout my final semester in college and after graduating in December of 2018. This made the transition to not eating meat a… Continue reading Being Black and Vegan

Christian and Queer?

please note that the following is my personal relationship with faith and queerness. my intention is not to convert but rather to share my own experiences. please keep that in mind and remember to be kind (and to accidentally rhyme) To be a Christian meant that I could not be a member of the LGBTQ+… Continue reading Christian and Queer?

Accepting My Emotions

I believe that mental health should be less stigmatized. I’m comfortable talking to others about if I had a cold or if I fractured a bone. Why should mental health be treated any differently? I’m going to let go of that stigma. This blog is meant to be about telling my journey in not only… Continue reading Accepting My Emotions

Traveling While Vegan

A long time friend, of almost a decade, was getting married this weekend. Naturally, our high school friend group had to come along to see in person. We were all healthy, most of us were wearing masks when indoors, and we spent a lot of time outside. Now I could write a whole blog post… Continue reading Traveling While Vegan

Transition to Veganism

*The following describes my own personal transition to veganism and is in no way a prescription of how you should transition to veganism nor is this my attempt to convinve you to veganism. I this question a lot: So you’re a vegan now… Why? It’s a valid question. Regionally, it could be seen as unusual… Continue reading Transition to Veganism


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