If the Cup Fits…

I have been looking for ways to reduce my waste in a lot of areas of my life. Since I was born with a uterus, one of the ways I wanted to reduce my waste was to try and have a zero waste period. Menstrual cups seemed like the way to go for me. I was already a tampon user. I’m on my feet for most of the day because I teach young children (and you don’t get many bathroom breaks as a teacher). The idea of being able to use a menstrual product that could stay in for up to 12 hours sounded fantastic. Plus, you wouldn’t have that horrible awful stench, the one that tells the world, “beware; this person has a uterus and they are menstruating now.”??? Where do I sign up?! I’ve been trying out menstrual cups since about March. I want to talk to you about which ones I’ve used and how they worked for me. This is not exactly a product review but rather just sharing my own thoughts and opinions on the products. I am in no way trying to sell you any of these products. Whether you choose to try them or not is completely your choice!

So now that we got that small “I’m not sponsored and/or affiliated with this companies” disclaimer out of the way, let’s begin!


The first cup I tried was the Saalt cup. Saalt sells their cups at Target which is super convenient for me since I go to Target almost every weekend (I live dangerously close to one and I have an addiction. The first step is admitting it, right?). I bought the smallest one not only because it was my first time using one but also because I don’t have a super heavy flow.

I was quite disappointed in this cup. It was very hard to fold and the bell shape of the cup wasn’t right for me. I couldn’t even insert the cup without feeling a lot of pain. I honestly thought it was about me and my body, that my body wasn’t made for menstrual cups. That I was a failure since I had been trying this cup from March to August with zero success. But I talked to my friend who’s a sex therapist and former physician and she mentioned that I probably just needed something a bit slimmer. Which lead me to my next cup of choice.

Diva Cup

In August upon recommendation, I got the Diva Cup in size 0. I chose 0 because I wanted to be sure I could insert it and I didn’t think that my flow would be too heavy for it. On the bright side, it was pretty easy to insert, albeit time consuming, because of it’s V-shaped design . Once inside, I did feel some discomfort; I figured that was normal since I had to get used to the feeling of a cup inside of me. Taking it out was tricky, a bit painful, and oh so messy! Luckily, I only ever hard to change it in the comfort of my own bathroom. The downside, aside from discomfort, was that the cup overflowed pretty quickly so I was changing it every three to four hours like I would a tampon. Which I wouldn’t have minded. But the fact that I was changing it like a tampon and this product hurt more than a tampon to me, I didn’t see the point in using it. I was going to just go up a size and see if that worked better for me. But then I got another recommendation.

Flex Cup

Two different friends of mine recommended me the Flex Cup. Both claimed it changed their menstrual cycle experience significantly! Plus, this size of menstrual cup was bigger than Diva Cup’s size 0. I was most of all intrigued by the idea of the Release Ring which makes removal more like a tampon, which as I said earlier I was already used to. Let me tell you the friends that recommended this product to me could not have been more right! It completely changed my period experience. Inserting it was tricky at first but once it was in, I couldn’t feel it at all! Most of the time I forgot I was even on my period! My cramps were lighter, I didn’t feel anything inside of me, I only had to change it every 12 hours like promised! Removal was pretty simple with the Release Ring. It was a bit uncomfortable but not nearly as painful for me as removing the the Diva Cup. Of course, like removing any menstrual cup, the removal process is messy but when done in the comfort of your own bathroom, it’s pretty easy to clean up. September was the first month I tried it so if I have any updates on my experience with the Flex Cup I’ll let you know!

I have definitely found that the Flex Cup really works for my lifestyle as of writing this post! Whichever product you chose to use, whether it be pads, tampons, period panties, etc, that your menstruation is at least a comfortable experience and that it works for your lifestyle! Until next time, friends!

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